Tuesday, January 08, 2008

5th day of Kindergarten

sedih aje.....

kesian kat abang, nangis lagi ari ni

mama, please don't leave abang, abang scare nanti teacher will babat abang

abang still crying, still clings to me and not allow me go far from his eyesight. abang has been really frightened to go to kindy this 2 days. abang will freeze up and refuse to cross the road when he sees the kindy gate & refuses to get dressed to go to kindy. he told me he does not like kindy. He screams near the kindy door & refuses to enter the kindy. abang asks for me to stay for a bit. but mama x leh wait kat dalam kena tunggu kat outside. actually, they do not want my son to have me stay with him for just a bit pun. abang will depend on me to much.

tapi whatever pun, i would only leave when abang is happy involved in a activity then leave without his noticing.


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