Thursday, January 17, 2008

Jom gi school

posing maut

abang kena put powder kat leg dulu

mama, maner shoes abang ni

waiting for kiss abang & bye-bye abang

so today is 11th day of kindergarten for abang. abang has done so well with going to bed on time, waking up & getting ready for school. Last night, abang showed us his drawings he did at school and told us about his friend Aliff.

Abang dah faham routine dier. before aku put abang to sleep, aku pick out abang's uniform for the next day & lay it on abang's bed. abang knows now that when he gots up, he needs to change into his clothes and to come into our room ready for the day. Once abang done eating breakfast he has to go brush his teeth. That has been our morning routine and it now been working out smoothly.

Abang enjoy taking the van & loves school. when i got home i asked him how his day was & he said it was great. i will have to say that i am a very proud mama of abang.


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