Monday, May 12, 2008


maner abang ekkk? abang yang tolong snap photo ni

to my wife and mama of abang & kasih.


you are more than i ever could have asked for. You exceeded all my wildest dreams of what an amazing wife and mom you could be. Thanks for being so dedicated to raising our kids and helping mold them into the world changers that they are. thank you for the constant sacrifices you make to help our family run.

You're the best. there is no one i would rather be in this fight with than you. i love u ayang.

My dearest rizal, actually i nangis masa baca kad u ni, l love u too. and thank u very much coz jadi suami yang baik untuk i dan anak-anak.
tu bukan ayat kad kad, tapi ditulis sendiri oleh tuan besar.


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