Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Kindy Stress

Abang has very serious separation anxiety still. even when at home and he does not see mami for ten minutes, abang will start calling and looking for mami. sometimes, if he gets no response from mami, he will start crying. when abang has finally found mami, like 5 minutes after, he will tell that he had cried looking for mami.

Last year we tried him out at Q-Dees, he ended up with nightmares. Seriously. He woke up middle of the night and said "mami, abang don't want go school" okey. don't want go maner-maner. abang nak sit at home aje.

Aaargh!! this year sama jugak, abang tetap mengalami trauma yang hebat. sakit pala aku pkir hal ni.
My dearest rizal, i betul-betul x tahu nak buat aper sekarang ni????????


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