Monday, April 07, 2008


we registered abang for a Chinese Kindy but actually both of us still undecided. we wanted to see how abang is coping with his chinese in kindy and his inclination towards the subject before we make decision whether to sent him to a chinese school or sekolah rendah Pandan Indah.
So far as we can see, abang struggles with the chinese subject the most. The rest are no problem to him or perhaps the rest have very little homework compared to the chinese. Everyday when abang gets back, he starts his homework immediately after lunch and continues till tea times, takes a nap, wakes up and continues with homework till dinner time and sometimes after dinner. abang writes the chinese characters by coyying what is given to him but when i ask him what the character is or means he does not know. How to send abang to Chinese school? he will certainly be at a disavantage to kids who speak mandarin at home. we do not speak chinese at home, so the only exposure he got was from that few classes of mandarin in his kindy.
Actually, his mandarin has improved, abang dah pandai membilang. i have a few more days before we have to make a decision. drives me drazy thingking and rethinking.


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