Friday, March 13, 2009


Givenchy Very Irresistible For Women is dominated by roses and over thirty five percent of the fragrance is rose based. To this central rose theme Givenchy brings light, bright and fresh tones to create a modern and fresh, yet sophisticated fragrance for women. Sunny notes like star anise and verbena leaf burst through the roses, as do fresh and energetic essences of madarin and peach.

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ramai gak yang nanya kak rose ni original ke tak, sebenarnya semuanya adalah original tapi boleh dapat ngan harga murah sebab tukang jual tu baik ngan promoter perfume kat Mall, so tu yang dapat harga murah cam gini.


neezareef said...

very irresistable givenchy tu kan..1 of my fav collection..sgt sedappppppppppppppppppp baunye...
ghau2 :D

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