Thursday, March 04, 2010


i never pushed baby cinta to soothe herself to sleep and i figured that when it was time, it would happen.

My favorite part about the past month is that baby cinta has learned her name. When you say "CINTA!" she will instantly look over to you (unless she is seriously enthralled with something else) and give you a big-big-big smile. I think that is so cool! It's amazing to witness a baby just beginning to learn an entire language.

 I can also tell that she recognizes several other words, but I don't think she fully grasps the meaning of them just yet. The only other three words she seems to be sure about are PAPA, MAMA and MAMI—she will look at the correct person when you say their name. How cute is that

Iris Cinta Laura

Born 14 October 2009 bersamaan 25 Syawal 1430 H

9.30 pm

2.8 kg

36 weeks

Discharged from hospital: 20 October 2009

1 month : 3.0 kg

2 months : 4.0 kg

3 months : 5.05 kg

4 months : 6.00 kg

First Bath : at Hospital

First tummy to back roll : 26 December 2009

First Smile : 14 January 2010

Holding Head Up: 28 January 2010

Baby Cinta's schedule at 5 months:

4:30 AM : wake up, b/feed + bottle, back to sleep

6:30 AM : wake up, b/feed + bottle, play, nap

7.30 AM : bottle, play, nap

8.00 AM : sleep + nap

10.00 AM : wake up, eat, bath, play

10.30 AM : sleep + nap

1.30 PM : wake up, bottle, bath, play

2.00 PM : sleep + nap

6:00 PM : wake up, eat, play, bath

7.00 PM : bottle, play, nap

7.30 PM : sleep + nap

10.30 PM : wake up, b/feed, play, nap

11.00 PM : bottle, bedtime

It changes a little bit from day to day, but not by much


A.I said...

kecik2 dah nampak kecerdikan baby cinta....

geram tol tengok!

aRi sHu said...

oh my G..cute nya baby cinta..nak cium2 je rasa..

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