Thursday, November 05, 2009


on the way nak gi dentist. dekat ngan umah aje, gi jalan kaki aje

this was abang's first ever visit to the dentist. Did I prepare abang at home?? just a little bit lah. biar abang biasa, nanti x derlah kekok sangat. Aper yang aku buat???

1) aku ader gak 2-3 kali ajak abang neman aku gi dentist, biar abang biasa ngan keadaan klinik gigi camner. dari situ he watched a little bit lah.

2) aku tahu that he likes to brush his teeth and keeping them feeling clean. aku also help abang floss his teeth after dinner time every night.

3) aku ader gak bagitahu kat abang at the dentist nanti, he has to keep his mouth open wide so the dentist can clean his teeth nicely.

4) last sekali, aku cakap ngan abang if he good at the dentist, akan ader hadiah untuk abang. kasi semangat sikitlah kan.

The process of registration for first time patient was a breeze. Our appointment was at 11am and we arrived at 10:45am and we were called inside at 11am.

Dr. Wong came in to check on abang, after selesai semua, he gave us some advice on how to take care of the teeth - no gummy bears, apple juice (acidic and too sweet - mostly sugar), ice cream is OK, eat more apples and carrots (clean teeth), keep brushing two times a day (even better if is after each meal) and to come back to see her in 2 weeks.


lily lotus said...

masa kecik2 lah yg paling digeruni :D

CuTeMiUt78 said...

eemmm good boy to abg danish.. mirul pun kita dah ajar utk berus gigi 2x sehari


lily lotus
samalah ngan kita, dentist paling digeruni

memang kena ajar sejak dari kecik

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